PW’s Picks For The Week: “Toyland Closing Reception” and “Cubeecraft”

Publication: Philadelphia Weekly
Published: November 5, 2008

PW’s Picks For The Week

Toyland Closing Reception
Fri., Nov. 7, 6-9pm. Free. Nexus Foundation for Today’s Art, 1400 N. American St. 215.684.1946.
The first time someone tries to photograph you with a Holga, you’ll be expecting a blast of water in your eye. That’s how silly it looks. But the Holga, along with a variety of other toy cameras, can create visually stunning photos through imperfection. Light leaks, color shifts and heavy vignettes that would take hours of tedium to replicate in Photoshop turn these everyday images into artwork. A collection of toy camera photographers–including Philly native Chris Macan–show off their beautifully flawed masterpieces at Toyland’s closing reception. Subjects and techniques include everything from Macan’s brilliantly colorful portraits to Rita Bernstein’s eerily nostalgic explorations of family life. Once you see the beauty of analog toy camera photography, you might not want go back to digital. It’ll seem awfully lame by comparison. (Brian Myszkowski)

What’s the most fun you can legally have with a knife? It’s Cubeecraft, a free online hobby site where you can download and construct your own paper figurines. Start with the simple Meatwad or Kirby toys and work your way up to a more complex craft like MC Chris. All you need is a hobby knife, a printer and a profound case of boredom. (B.M.)

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