Milo Releases New Single, New Album Coming Soon

sothefliesdontcomeMilwaukee-based rapper Rory Ferreira dropped a new track, “Zen Scientist ft Myka 9,” under his Milo moniker yesterday. The single, opening with a distracted musing of misconceptions, quickly jumps into Ferreira’s distinctly chill rap-speak flow, utilizing a precise lexicon over a dreamy back-beat. A soulful drop-in from Myka 9 adds to the mystic relaxation before Milo takes the reins for a tight verse, weaving into another surreal, well timed instrumental break. Ferreira’s pop-culture-checking wordplay comes to an end with him “decid[ing] in good faith to let [his] soul fly,” shouting out his brethren in the movement.

It’s an awesome introduction to Milo’s new full-length So the Flies Don’t Come, scheduled for release on September 25. Featuring guest spots from noted collaborators Hemlock Ernst, Elucid, Mike Eagle and Echo Tree, this is a bit of a return to origins for Ferreira; his first Milo album since 2013’s Cavalcade. Prior to that came 2012’s Milo Takes Baths and the incredible 2011 debut I Wish My Brother Rob Was Here. It seemed as if Scallops Hotel – 2013’s Poplar Grove (or How to Rap with a Hammer) and this past May’s Plain Speaking, both phenomenal projects in their own right – was Ferreira’s main focus for a stretch. Following that break, it will be pretty exciting to see what’s been up with Milo, and where he’s going with the auditory nom de plume.

Milwaukee’s Ruby Yacht will put out the “vainglorious! pink-on-pink-on-pink” cassette version of So the Flies Don’t Come. If previous Ferreira releases are any indication, the 300 limited copies will sell out quick, so get one soon. Look out for a full analysis from The Kinetic Pulse once the album officially drops in just a few (agonizing) weeks.

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